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Personalized innovative Google powered solutions

We created a suite of solutions that works for all types of organizations, from public to the private sector, and non-profit to business organizations.

EC and K0 - 12

Personalize and improve educational and administration process.
Build strong links between school and family.


Lead innovation in higher education and provide a collaborative environment through modern technology.


Attain valuable human resources and internships for your organization and manage your employer brand through our platform.

Choose complete solutions integrated with Google Apps for Education

users for ADMA

users for Google Apps for Education

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Discover our reliable cost and time-saving tools

Use ADMA educational management information system and Google Apps for Education to reduce up to 90% IT infrastructure, maintenance and software licenses costs and save up to 75% on the time you spend searching and for generating data.


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IT costs cut


time-saving tools


guaranteed uptime and reliability

Efficient management

Smart administration

ADMA is suitable fo all educational institutions and business organizations.

We have designed ADMA to add value to the educational system by providing solutions for an efficient management of costs, administrative and curricular processes, real-time access to information, mobility, and flexibility.

Built on Google Cloud Platform, ADMA is an educational cloud application to improve administrative and curricular data management of any type of educational institutions and to build strong links between school and family by integrating communications and collaborative solutions such as Google Apps for Education.

ADMA platform enables business organizations to amend recruitment process, employee learning, and development and provides custom-made solutions.

Why choose our services?

Ease of deployment

Ease of deployment

Cost and time-saving tools

Cost and time-saving tools

Increased performance

Increased performance

High level of information security

High level of information security

Custom-made solutions

Custom-made solutions

Leading technology trusted by thousands

Leading technology trusted by thousands

SaaS solutions offered by Edu Apps
  • ADMA educational management platform
  • Integration of ADMA platform with Google for Education
DaaS solutions offered by Edu Apps
  • Chromebooks for Education
  • Secure wireless connection with digital certificates for each classroom/class
Training for educators
  • Professional development program for educators
  • 24/7 assistance via email and phone

We make an impact on all educational institutions levels

ADMA is the suitable solution for an effective management of users and reports, because it is designed with a dashboard which fulfils the needs of our educational insitution. We received prompt and technical support.

Alina Cîrjă

Director, Romanian - Finnish School & Kindergarten

ADMA and Google Apps for Education are modern tools enabling you to optimize educational management, redesign teaching and improve student results from the 5th to 12th grade.

Ionela Neagoe

Assistent Director, Gheorghe Lazăr National College

ADMA provides the benefit of a highly efficient management of administrative and curricular data, customized reports, analytics, statistics, real-time communication with students and teachers.

Doina Voinea

Chief Registrar, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest

The deployment of ADMA and Google Apps for Education means for us transparency, flexibility, interactivity, collaboration, data security and effective educational management.

Lucia Vodă

Chief Registrar, Faculty of Journalism and Communication, University of Bucharest

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